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Tammy Stepanek

Me personally...

The greatest joy of my life has been watching my seven children and “children by marriage”(as my stepdaughter so lovingly puts it) spread their wings.  It’s just the best!

I have an insatiable appetite for learning, reading and teaching. My curiosity about our universe and the nature of all that it holds never ends.  Human nature is at the top of that list! I also have a natural inclination for connecting the dots and making connections as I learn. Put all of this together and basically my wheels never stop turning. This has been an advantage professionally because it enables me to make constant improvements in programming and planning for the students I serve.  I am also both creative and practical and I love a good problem to solve. This is critical when guiding young adults through college admissions and career exploration. I do not make decisions for my clients. They are far too bright for that!

My knowledge & experience...

I can help you develop an educational plan that will guide you to whatever your goal may be after high school.  As a librarian, I learned how to curate information in relevant and meaningful ways by listening to the needs and desires of my students.  I now use these skills to research colleges and programs that meet the goals of my clients. Being a “student of colleges” is another helpful piece of what I do.  I visit colleges all over the United States on a regular basis in order to get a feel for each school’s culture. Having this feet on the ground knowledge is invaluable to my clients in the college search.

My credentials...

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from LSU, studied post-graduate library science at Northwestern State University and retired after close to three decades of teaching.  I hold a certificate of master’s level coursework for Independent Educational Consultanting from University of California, Irvine and have attended the IECA Summer Training Institute at Swarthmore College.  Most of all, I love learning and guiding young adults to discover more about themselves in order to create a life they are proud of. There’s just no better feeling than watching a young person develop independence.

My affiliations...



Consortium of Higher Education LGBTQ Resource Professionals

IECA (Student Member)

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