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Here's How

College Planning

We help take the stress out of the college admissions process.

We get to know our clients as people.  We work to figure out what the client is looking for in a college.  We use this information and knowledge of our clients to research colleges and present the client with a list of possible good fit schools.  Then we see the client through the application process. 

Career Exploration

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We encourage young adults to explore career possibilities.
We use both formal and informal assessments to help guide students to a better understanding of themselves.  When students can figure out their strengths, aptitudes, and natural abilities, and couple them with areas of interest, the result is often choosing a major and career that is a good fit.


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We teach young adults practical steps to independence.

      Some young adults need a little guidance once they are out of their parents' home. From time management to budgeting, many young people need a little guidance to make the leap from adolescence to adulthood. We work collaboratively with young adults to give them just the right balance of support and accountability to help them navigate this phase of life successfully.

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