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One Size Does Not Fit All

At Bridgepoint, we recognize that every family has its own unique set of needs and circumstances.  We offer families great flexibility in the packaging of our services. Whether you are seeking comprehensive advising or minimal coaching, we will design a package to meet your individual needs.

Getting Started

We offer Zoom sessions for your convenience.
Complimentary 30-minute phone consultation
        Individual Consultation: This meeting would consist of an informal evaluation of the client’s current test scores, grades, extra curricular activities and course load and would last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.  Clients leave with a written plan with recommendations for meeting future goals. The cost for this meeting is $150. Should we decide to work together beyond this meeting, this fee would be applied towards the total package fee.

Comprehensive Packages

We also offer comprehensive packages for planning, advising and coaching with the following customizable services.

Summer Programming

High School Course Selections

Career Assessment and Exploration

College List

Standardized Test Help

Financial Aid

College Decision Time

LBGTQ Students

Resume Building

Gap Year

College Essay Help

College Applications

Tech School Applications

Campus Visits

Transfer Students

Non-Traditional Students Returning to School

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